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October 22, 2016
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Adding Greenery to Your Fence

Adding Greenery to Your Fence

Your fence should do more than just enclose your property; it should be an integral part of your landscaping. While a well-constructed fence can be beautiful in its own right, the uniformity of a long fence might feel a bit monotonous. There are lots of ways to incorporate your fence into your outdoor decorating, but some of the best ideas use plants to turn sections of the fence into a living wall that pops with greenery and color.

How Do You Get Plants to Grow Against Vertical Surfaces?

Pots and Planters

Home improvement and garden stores sell plenty of solutions for adding plants to vertical surfaces. Pot hangers come in a variety of sizes to support typical terra cotta pots. The most common varieties will either latch onto the lip of the pot and support it from the or utilize a ring which supports the rim of the pot all the way around. You can also find ready-made planters that can be attached to the fence, no pot required. One popular type is made of a metal basket lined with a thick, coconut fiber planter, but they come in many varieties, so you can find a style that matches your landscaping design.


Trellises are another great way to get plant life into a vertical space. Trellises can be installed directly against the fence or they can be set into the ground a short distance from the fence to allow your plants more space. Where you install the trellis will influence the kinds of plants that you will be able to grow on it, so be sure to research the needs of the plants you plan to grow before you install it. Finally, if your fence is already open in some way, like chain link or wrought iron, you should be able to train a climbing plant to grow up it without a separate trellis—the fence itself can act as a trellis.

Upcycled Creations

If you're a crafty type or enjoy the shabby chic aesthetic, there are so many ways to “upcycle” different products into creative planters to give your fence a truly unique look. Crates can be turned on their side to create shelving units to display potted plants and decorations. Pallets are a popular choice for upcycling, because they can be turned into anything, including vertical planters that can be hung from your fence. In the end, though, anything that weathers the outdoors can potentially be a flowerpot. People have used rainboots or crocs, old purses and handbags, and even old photo frames to create stylish planters for their fences.

What Kind of Plants are Good For Vertical Gardens?


Annuals are plants that only last one season. You'll need to repot them every year, but they can offer amazing colors in their blooms and foliage. Suggested plants include coleus, verbena, hummingbird plant, marigold, and begonia.

Hanging Plants

Plants that hang gracefully from their planters and pots look amazing in a vertical garden. Many annuals and succulents are also hanging plants. Suggested plants include petunias, impatiens, lobelia, spider lily, trailing pansies, and moss rose.

Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are great for chain link fences and trellises. Some plants are strong climbers and will wrap around or grab their support systems all by themselves, while others will need to be tied to the frame to train them to climb. Suggested plants include ivy, clematis, grapevine, and climbing roses.


Succulents are beautiful and easy to care for. Suggested plants include donkey's tail, hens-and-chicks, string of pearls, aeonium sunburst, and blue chalk stick.


If you love to cook, then having a vertical garden that is as functional as it is beautiful is a perfect idea—you can go out and get fresh ingredients to season a dish whenever you want. Suggested plants include basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, sage, and mint.

When you want to jazz up your new fence from Perimeter Fence Co. and improve your overall landscaping, you can't go wrong with adding greenery in the form of a vertical garden.

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