On the Fence about a Fence?
December 28, 2016

Popular Fencing Options for Your Yard

Popular Fencing Options for Your Yard

Popular Fencing Options for Your Yard

Once you've decided that your yard needs a fence, you have another decision to make: what type of fence you'd like to have installed. Learn about some of the most popular fencing options.

Chain Link

Chain link is used in yards quite frequently for several reasons. Some of the benefits of this material are:

  • Affordability
  • Security
  • Visibility

You can even choose a color that will blend in better with its surroundings.


Wood fencing will make a great addition to your yard if you're looking for a quality, timeless option. Wooden fencing can be a completely custom look. You can choose:

  • Design
  • Dimensions
  • Wood thickness

You can even pick a stain that works well with the aesthetic of your yard and home. Plus, staining the wood will prevent the wood's color from fading.

Ornamental Steel

Want a beautiful, durable fence that requires minimal maintenance? Consider getting a steel ornamental fence. Like wood fencing, you can completely customize the look to your satisfaction. You can choose:

  • Color
  • Dimensions
  • Ornamental additions
  • Style
  • Thickness

Steel fencing systems also offer high security, without sacrificing their look.

Once you've come to a decision, contact Perimeter Fence Co. We're highly experienced in fence installation and can deliver a product you'll be proud to display in your yard.

In need of a new fence or simply repairing an old one? Call the professionals at Perimeter Fencing Co. serving all of Central Texas. Call (737) 704-6011 or (512) 914-9016

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