How it Works in Austin Texas


STEP 1 – Call or Email Us

STEP 2 – Free Estimate
One of our trusted employees will come to your house to take measurements or via email with drawing and measurements

STEP 3 – Shake on it!
Customer and employee agree on type of fence and the price of installation (Perimeter Fence Co. will not start a job without a signed agreement.)

STEP 4 – Schedule Job
Contact One-Call for underground utilities – Customer or Company
Mark any sprinkler heads that may interfere with the fenceline or provide map of sprinkler system
Orders materials so the project starts on time

STEP 5 – Start Job
Remove old fence/existing fence if needed
Dig holes and set posts in concrete

STEP 6– Finish Job
Build fence/gates
Final Inspection and payment to Perimeter Fence Co.